Differences Between Public Schools & Charter Schools

Differences Between Public Schools & Charter Schools

In the search for a better education for your children, parents can go to any lengths. There is an inborn urge to better the human gene pool. Education has what has kept humankind in the evolutionary game for so many years.
In this regard, it is critical that parent is in the know of the options that are available to them. Two contenders are vying for your child's future. So dear parent, is it going to the public schools? Or are you going to opt for charter schools?
This article does not take sides. It will merely present the case for both contenders. Here are the differences between public and charter schools.

Choice and Authority

Both parties are not worlds apart. There are the basic principles of education that are shared. One difference, noted by major charter school websites, is the choice involved. Students and educators choose to be part of the charter school system.

Teachers have more authority to choose how they want to improve academic results. The old John D Rockefeller dinosaur from 1914 is extinct in charter schools.
Your child doesn't have to soak useless verbatim scripts that they keep regurgitating over the year. Never, there is an appreciation of individuality.
That your child is not a statistic. Forget the cookie cutter approach peddled in the public arena. Here you can see your child blossom in academic areas you never thought were possible.

Clarity in Purpose & Mission

The difference between a charter school and a traditional public school is that each school has its unique mission, within the community it serves.
This mission is custom fit to fulfill the needs of a particular student population. It also offers a unique educational philosophy, approach, and curriculum not available elsewhere.
Bear in mind that this is a charter school’s actual contract with the State Board of Education. The purpose has to in place before the school can even get off the ground.
Since each school is charged with fulfilling a unique need, the best way to find out if a specific school is right for your child is to visit their website where you can read the mission statement and charter. As a parent, you just pick and choose based on your values.


Magnolia Charter LAUSD offers a wealth of learning opportunities for students. We don't want our students to merely learn for the purpose of achieving top scores, but to actually learn in order to be fully prepared for college. To that end, MPS College Advisors work with each senior individually to develop a four-year learning plan that culminates in college acceptance. In order to prevent application errors and to find the best-fit colleges, universities and career programs, our counselors work with parents, students and family units.

Moreover, our college personnel mentor our students through the matriculation of high school through the following mechanisms:

  1. four year plans
  2. college visits and trips
  3. parental involvement
  4. research
  5. culmination senior projects 
  6. a simple belief that college is attainable through academic success

The distinguishing part of our College Mentorship program at MPS is the active participation of our students in the development and design of their future academic pathways.