Parents and caretakers play an important role in making Magnolia Public School a success. We expect and also encourage parents to be active participants in school activities and help provide a safe and educational environment to allow our students to thrive in this competitive world. Parents meet with the teachers from time-to-time and participate in goal-setting sessions for their child.

We expect the families to be actively involved in the school and make a significant contribution to their education of their child and reinforce the same at home. We also expand our student’s horizon through mentoring, field trips, community service and other similar programs in and around the area. 

Our curriculum is designed to encourage students to think above and beyond their means to reach the highest level of educational goals. You need to give your child the education that they deserve.

Parents are free to ask questions to the teachers so that we can fully address any questions they may have. Our main goal is to have all issues resolved quickly and efficiently. 

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