About Us

Magnolia Charter LAUSD started in the fall of 2002 and since then gone on to establish ten other charter schools around California to provide high-quality education to the students. The school is devoted to enriching the lives of the students with the integration of science, technology, engineering and math, STEM curriculum. We are proud of our diverse population that seeks to achieve a well-rounded educational experience.

Magnolia Charter LAUSD provides each of the students with rigorous instructions and comprehensive academic and social support to help in learning, developing college readiness and cultivating a sense of social responsibility. We have longer academic days in compared to other public schools. We take a research-based approach that engages students in intellectual work. Students are free to take research projects to create a culture of academic achievements.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to continue our charter for all these years and also continue to improve our school each year. All our schools are open enrollment and publicly funded allowing any child to be eligible to study here. 

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