Magnolia Charter LAUSD offers a wealth of learning opportunities for students. We don't want our students to merely learn for the purpose of achieving top scores, but to actually learn in order to be fully prepared for college. To that end, MPS College Advisors work with each senior individually to develop a four-year learning plan that culminates in college acceptance. In order to prevent application errors and to find the best-fit colleges, universities and career programs, our counselors work with parents, students and family units.

Moreover, our college personnel mentor our students through the matriculation of high school through the following mechanisms:

  1. four year plans
  2. college visits and trips
  3. parental involvement
  4. research
  5. culmination senior projects 
  6. a simple belief that college is attainable through academic success

The distinguishing part of our College Mentorship program at MPS is the active participation of our students in the development and design of their future academic pathways.

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