Magnolia Charter LAUSD empowers its students to lead themselves to their full potential not only in academics but also in sports, arts and other facets of life. Each of our campuses offers many opportunities to the students to pursue their creative interests beyond what the traditional schools have to offer.

Our curriculum is integrated with the college readiness curriculum to ensure that our students and the families are aware and prepared for education beyond that of high school graduation and have a good career for themselves. We help out students explore their potential not just in the classroom but beyond that too. Our co-curricular activities are held to prepare and encourage students to enrich their academic experience and develop their critical thinking as well as leadership skills. 

Magnolia Charter LAUSD provides an integrated educational system of a high standard to all students and promoting a strong foundation in the sciences, technologies, engineering and maths that is relevant to real-world contexts and build on student character and the community.

Each of our educational programs is tailored to each school and the community that it serves. All our programs and activities in our schools are fueled by our student’s passion, parent’s dedication, and teacher’s hard work. 

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